Frequently Asked Questions
You'll find here the answers to many of the most frequently asked questions
How can I pay an invoice online?
1. - On the Main page login your username and password and it will take you to a submenu.
2. - Go to Bancomer Payments where you can enter your username and password again.
3. - At this point you are already at Bancomer Community.
4.- From the Username Menu go to Services and SYD Invoices Payment where you will see all your pending invoices for payment.
5. - Select the invoice or invoices to be paid and select Online Payment.
6. - Instructions will be shown on the next page
How can I place an order?
1.-To register as a client go to New Order.
2.-Choose your product, enter the quantity desired, and click Add to Order or enter.
3.-Once the products have been added to your order, click Send Order.
4.-If this is your first online order please fill in all the information requested (fields with * are mandatory) and then click Send Order.
5. - When completed the message "Order has been sent correctly" will be displayed.
How can I change my password?
In "My Profile" you may change your password by logging in with the username and password you received from us.
How can I obtain my username for the webpage?
One of our sales representatives will send you a letter providing your username and password